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To give you a sense of what we are looking for in a submission, please see the following example. 

Midnight Meditation Outline

>>>>spooky to terrifying<<<<


This vignette is meant to sound like a nightly podcast or XM radio show for meditation and will start like a “normal” episode for about 30-45 seconds -- long enough that you start to wonder why it’s playing and then you hear a noise in the background of the speaker who pauses or sounds distracted for a second and then goes back to it. Then more shuffling in the background and she gets more distracted, finally needing to apologize and tell everyone to just keep breathing.  Muffled voices say, hello? Oh, you scared me. You can’t be here. What do you want? And then escalate but you never hear another voice, just murdering sounds like thumps and splurts. The meditation speaker’s screams get louder and louder while the mellow music underneath stays and then absolute silence. Finally, a creepy voice says, “Namaste” and laughs maniacally.


Midnight Meditation Script


Playing in the background:


A Soothing Woman’s Voice Speaks


Take in a deep breath and gently close your eyes. Easily imagine these scenes while you continue to breathe in slowly and calmly.

See yourself relaxing by a beautiful, calm lake. The breeze softly blows over the lake and you watch the thousands of tiny ripples it creates on the surface of the lake.


Your surroundings here are calm and pleasant; it brings a feeling of complete peace that washes over your entire body and mind. You breathe in deeply and allow the peacefulness to fill you. 


Take the time now to release any worries, any disturbing thoughts, any fear you may be feeling. Let those feelings float up, out and away… floating far away. Whatever has brought you fear in the past, it is time to let that go.


Quietly in the background, a door creaks open. Brief but awkward pause.


Know that you are really in control of your mind and your body. You can choose to allow these bothersome worries to leave. In doing so, you will free up space in your heart and mind for positive things to come.


Quietly in the background, footsteps. She continues to speak but is clearly distracted, head further from microphone as before. 

Life is all about creating what you want and choosing good thoughts that make you feel good. When you focus on the positive, you get more positive experiences in your life. Releasing any negative thoughts serves like shutting a closet door, protecting you from what you fear.

The footsteps stop

Umm. In your ummm mind’s eye – picture yourself now in a safe room alone. As you look at the walls, you see how you are really protected from all that is going on  um inside. I mean outside.

Whispers Oh my god. 

Clearly terrified. You are safe. You don’t have to be a part of rainy difficulties. It truly is your choice how you react to ...who are you? I’m sorry, I mean, whatever comes your way. Gasps What do you want? I’m sorry, I...just... keep breathing

Floor creaks

Please, no…

Thwacking then screaming crescendo to highest volume, music continues playing and subtly gets louder until absolute silence. Hold two full seconds, then a man’s creepy voice says, 


This vignette will be cut together on free audio mixing software called Audacity

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