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Creative Contest
Audio Content For a Haunted Car Wash


Play Theater will produce a Haunted Car Wash in October 2021 in Westfield NJ which will include 9-12 three-minute audio vignettes that range from family-friendly Halloween stories to terrifying auditory experiences. We are seeking concept and script submissions from all ages and invite you to bring your creativity. The creator of each selected vignette script will be awarded $50.

To enter:

  1. Submit a detailed outline or description of your submission by April 15 by clicking here or completing the form below. Then await feedback and approval to...

  2. Submit a script and samples of music and sound effects.

If you are inclined to take on the audio performance and production of your approved script, completed, professional-quality vignette submissions will be awarded an additional $75. Upon feedback and approval of the script you will be invited to produce the vignette (including the recording of voices mixed with music and sound effects) and submit it as an MP3 file. 


Please submit your outline by April 15, 2021.

All scripts must be received by June 1, 2021.
Feedback on each step can take up to two weeks. All vignettes must be approved and completed by September 1, 2021


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