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Haunted Car Wash Reviews

I was one of those many cars and my son and I had a blast! I had to let them know it was awesome! I screamed, I laughed, and screamed some more. The actors were great. If it's scheduled for next year, COUNT ME IN!

-Nick J. (Scotch Plains & Fanwood Neighbors FB Group)

We had a blast!

--Sondra B. (Scotch Plains & Fanwood Neighbors FB Group)


The actors were AMAZING, so spooky and never broke character. Thank you for doing this it was such a fun thing to do as a family!

-Jess M. (Cranford Neighbors FB Group)

Great job everyone! The best was when one of the monsters opened our car door and took my daughter’s phone. That’s scary for any teenager! 

-Kristin S. (Scotch Plains-Fanwood Community FB Group)

Really great job, Play Theater and Team Car Wash...So fun for the kids. My kiddo insisted we go back a second time because she wanted to open her window this time around!   

-Lorena Z. (Scotch Plains & Fanwood Neighbors FB Group)

I have to say that you guys did such a great job and were so professional! We decided to do the "scary" with 4 kids in the car and the moment we had 2 screaming kids they backed up, took off their masks and danced for everyone putting smiles back on their faces. Kudos to you guys! Will be returning next year hopefully with a little bit more courage. 

-Tracy B. (Westfield, NJ FB Group)


My 6 year old had been talking about going since he heard about it last year- we went and he loved every second- my timid 2 year old began very scared but one of the performers saw this and quickly and so sweetly revealed her real face and my daughter loved the remainder of the ride- we will definitely be back next year!

-Tiffany B. (Westfield, NJ FB Group)

We went tonight—first time ever and it was awesome . Thank you!

-Jennifer G. (Westfield, NJ FB Group)

We came tonight in two cars and loved every second! Really well done and super scary!

-Keith G. (Westfield, NJ FB Group)

Had a lot of fun! Very scary!

-Harry C. (Westfield, NJ FB Group)

Loved it! Had so much fun!

-Dea L. (Westfield, NJ FB Group)

Thank you. My grandkids loved it!!

-Marianne F. (Westfield, NJ FB Group)

Thank you! As always I was scared

-Dani D. (Westfield, NJ Uncensored FB Group)

"If you're looking for a great local Halloween-themed attraction, head over to the Haunted Car Wash in Westfield on South Ave next to Bohemian Raspberry. You can pick "scary" or "silly" depending on your fear tolerance. The two 10 year old girls I took did the "scary" and were scared to the dropping-Nerds-on-the-floor-in-fright instead of to the wake-up-with-nightmares level, with the Evil Red Riding Hood the scariest character. The show and car wash lasts about half an hour and costs $25."

-Bill P. (Scotch Plains & Fanwood Neighbors FB Group)

"Loved it! Totally agree red riding hood was the best costume! The kids did great."

-Karen D. (Scotch Plains & Fanwood Neighbors FB Group)

Loved it again this year!!

-Christy D. (Westfield, NJ FB Group)

"The kids did such a good job!"

-Tina J. (Scotch Plains & Fanwood Neighbors FB Group)

"We had a great time tonight! We were the first ones in line!"

-Judy S. (Westfield, NJ FB Group)


"We went last night! So scary….So much fun! Thank you!"

-Lee S. (Westfield, NJ FB Group)


"Finally made it to the Haunted Car Wash and the kids had a blast! Well done, Play Theater!"

-Lorena Z. (Scotch Plains & Fanwood Neighbors FB Group)

"It was cute! The kids enjoyed it!"
-Kristen M. (Westfield, NJ FB Group)

"This is the very best!"
-Laura S. (Westfield, NJ FB Group)

"Great idea for Halloween! Always a good experience but the Haunted Car Wash was the best by far."   

-Christy D. (Westfield, NJ FB Group)

"Such a great two-fer idea (Car Wash and Haunted House in one)! We enjoyed yogurt at Bohemian Raspberry and watched the cars drive through the Haunted Car Wash."
-Beth C. (Westfield, NJ FB Group)

"Omg so good and creepy! My kids are not going to sleep tonight!"
-Natalia L. (Scotch Plains-Fanwood Community FB Group)

Had a blast! The costumes and acting were actually scary and well done! Short and sweet, but definitely worth it!
-Christine G. (Westfield, NJ FB Group)

"This was great! Thank you for doing this!"
-Genevieve C. (Scotch Plains & Fanwood Neighbors FB Group)

"Everyone should try! This was great!"
-Lesia C. (Westfield, NJ FB Group)

"Everyone did such a great job!  It really was great and hope it returns next year!
-Dania N. (Scotch Plains & Fanwood Neighbors FB Page and Westfield, NJ FB Group) 

"My boys really enjoyed it! Tell the kids thank you!"
-Marianna G. (Scotch Plains & Fanwood Neighbors FB Group)

"Loved it!" 
-Dani D. (Westfield, NJ FB Group)

"We really enjoyed this tonight! The actors and their costumes were great, and we appreciated the “scary or silly” options! Congrats on your success!"
-Gail O. (Westfield, NJ FB Group)

"We went and loved it! Great job!" 
-Michelle M. (Westfield, NJ FB Group)

"I loved it! My kids wanted spooky and were so scared! I told them that’s what they wanted. It was so awesome!"
-Maryann I. (Westfield, NJ FB Group)

"Go, It was awesome! We screamed and then went back again with friends for the kids in the same night!"
-Elizabeth S. (Westfield, NJ FB Group)

"We had so much fun! What a great idea!"
-Colleen S.  (Westfield, NJ FB Group)

"My 4 year old loved it! We did the silly version and it was so much fun!"
-Kristin P. (Westfield, NJ FB Group)

"This was amazing! My kids immediately wanted to go through again!"
-Susan P. (Westfield, NJ FB Group)

"Loved it! Thank you all!"
-Julia M. (Westfield, NJ FB Group)

"My girls loved it! Thank you!"
-Diana P. (Westfield, NJ FB Group)

"Great job! We really enjoyed it!"
-Kerry P. (Westfield, NJ FB Group)

"I heard it was amazing!"
-Kimberly M. (Westfield, NJ FB Group)

"It was fun! Thank you!"
-Lorenzina S. (Westfield, NJ FB Group)

"It was so much fun! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!"
-Erin R. (Westfield, NJ FB Group)

"My 11 yo loved it! Thanks so much!"
-Cristal X. (Westfield, NJ FB Group)

"Love it!"
-Dawn M. (Westfield, NJ FB Group)

"Great idea!"
-Frances M. (Westfield, NJ FB Group)

"What a great idea!"
-Karen L. (Westfield, NJ FB Group)

"Such a good idea!"
-Jen N. (Scotch Plains-Fanwood Community FB Group)

"The kids loved it!"
-Lauren S. (Scotch Plains & Fanwood Neighbors FB Group)

"Bravo! Congrats!"
-Fidel G. (Scotch Plains & Fanwood Neighbors FB Group)

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