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play /plā/ verb

  1. engage in an activity for enjoyment and recreation rather than a serious or practical purpose.

  2. take part in 

  3. amusing oneself by engaging in imaginative pretense

  4. fiddle or tamper with

  5. be cooperative

  6. be part of a team, especially in a specified position

  7. give a dramatic performance at (a particular theater or place)

  8. behave as though one were (a specified type of person)

  9. allow (a fish) to exhaust itself pulling against a line before reeling it in.


Since 2013, Play Theater has provided classes, workshops, performance opportunities, and theatrical productions in Union County, New Jersey.  Play Theater gets to the core of what being in a play, and being at play, is all about. Playing is about engaging, amusing, imagining, tampering, cooperating, working as a team, pretending, and, when done right, allowing one to exhaust themselves before reeling it in.

Director Amy Fiore has enjoyed a life-long passion for Musical Theater. She studied and engaged in performance from a young age and continually sought ways to immerse herself in all aspects of theater arts. Amy holds a BFA from Syracuse University in Musical Theater Performance with a minor in Education and has taught theater, acting, and arts administration to children and adults across the tri-state area, including Camp Harmony, West Orange Theater Under the Stars, Baruch College, and NYU. Professionally, Amy has been a nonprofit arts administrator for more than two decades and brings her skills and wide experience to her community as passion projects.

Since 2013 Play Theater programs have grown exponentially. Check out our productions and classes and if you have questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.

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